Approach Pilates Like an Athlete

Approach Pilates Like an Athlete

The most common question I receive about Houston Pilates is where to start.  I am especially surprised when athletes ask me this.

I’ve noticed when I teach classes, beginners who happen to be athletes tend to fair better than others. I attribute this to how athletes have a heightened body awareness, a confidence about learning something new and an understanding of their physical & mental limitations.

The truth is, athletes have already developed a Pilates practice, they just don’t know it yet!

A large part of Pilates Houston TX involves understanding the body by knowing its current range of motion and setting goals to improve this range. For instance, I’m currently learning to play tennis. Which often times feels like I’m learning how to quickly chase and receive bright, bouncy balls all over the court! To improve, I make mental and physical goals. I think of how to angle my racket to deliver the perfect return. I remind myself to keep trying as I find the correct positioning of my body in each swing. This method of understanding my body, being kind to myself as I make mistakes and creating goals, is exactly how I approach my Pilates practice.

I’ll note where I am and set a goal of where I want to be. This process can be quick or can take years. For instance, one pose I’ve mastered is Badda Konasana. I first approached  this pose when I was 16 years old. I was so tight through my hips and legs that my knees refused to budge, staying as erect as possible.

Over several years, I’ve been able to slowly master the pose, completely lowering my stubborn knees and face all the way to the floor. During this process I had to know my limits. I understood not to force the pose, but to visualize my end goal and remain patient. Now I can easily go into Baddha Konasana: This is an understood parameter of my current range of motion.

Athletic or not, we all find Pilates for various reasons Including Houston Prenatal Pilates, if you’re looking to improve your range of motion, first establish your current range, set goals and be patient.

Massage Therapy Houston Texas

How Massage Therapy Balances Out Your Houston Lifestyle

When writing these blogs, many of our readers wonder where the subject matter comes from.  Is there a magical writing fairy that comes along, pops these ideas into my head, and POOF words mysteriously appear on my keyboard?  Well, not quite. we listen to you!  We find out from our clients, team members, businesses, and friends about what kind of topics they would like to know more about.  And by doing so, we have discovered the most frequently asked question: how does massage therapy help with my personal and work goals in a constantly moving city, such as Houston?

The Benefits of Massage Therapy Houston Texas

Professional athletes and weekend warriors have been receiving massage therapy as a means to assist in their training and recovery routine.  But it isn’t just for the relaxation feeling of someone therapeutically providing touch therapy.  No, it goes deeper than that.

Studies have linked massage therapy to a wide array of resolutions active adults may encounter.  For instance, research has reported that massage therapy decreases muscle stiffness, improves flexibility, and boosts range of motion.  Additionally, it encourages relaxation to physically occur by causing the heart rate and blood pressure to naturally slow down.  As a result, muscles relax.  This is a positive outcome.  For some athletes and career minded individuals the muscles are so tense, and balled up in knots whenever working, driving in Houston traffic, running at Hermann Park, playing golf in Sugarland, and trying to fall asleep at the end of a grueling day.  When this occurs, muscles and joints need trained, experienced, effective manipulation to obtain the desired relaxed state.   Houston Neuromuscular Massage therapy promotes the relaxed state to occur.  It influences soft tissue, muscles and joints in a positive manner allowing this desired, tranquil sensation to happen.  Once it is achieved, your body and mind feel at ease.  So how does this help you with your personal and/or work life?

When your entire body feels as tense as a clenched fist then it creeps into every aspect of your life.  Tasks at work suddenly take longer.  Focus seemingly shifts more frequent than before.  Mistakes caused by loss of sleep happen, which, subsequently, is due to your physical and mental strain.  Shoulders, back, and hands ache on a normal basis.  When you come home, relief doesn’t reproduce itself either.  Your body cannot battle the negative traction from occurring on its own so then you find yourself being short with your loved ones in your own, beautiful, loving, zen-like home.  It becomes too much.

Houston Massage therapy changes this physical and mental atmosphere you are stuck in.  It shows your body and mind what it feels like to be in a relaxed state, and duplicates that sensation with each visit.  Eventually, your mind and body are able to return to that peaceful sensation on its own.  It just needs encouragement in achieving that status.  Massage therapy allows you to do this.